How to become a member of Transforming Practices

Membership is welcomed from all students who have successfully completed the Transforming Practices Pastoral Supervisor Formation program and from other pastoral supervisors who meet the entrance criteria and are willing to be bound by the Policies and Procedures of Transforming Practices.

Membership of Transforming Practices includes recognition as a:

  • Accredited Supervisor with Transforming Practices
  • Senior Accredited Supervisor with APSE – Association of Pastoral Supervision and Education – UK
  • It automatically includes becoming part of the Community of Practice.


  • participate in the Community of Practice appropriately and cooperatively, meeting membership requirements, sharing skills, insights and learning from each other’s supervisory practice
  • attend the appropriate number of Professional Facilitated Peer Group Supervision and Professional Development events
  • support ethical practice as pastoral supervisors through mutual confidential discussions and presentations in group supervision and conversations
  • deepen theological reflection of our supervisory practice
  • support and challenge the learning and ethical practice of pastoral practitioners through individual and facilitated group supervision, and Forums and others learning events
  • strengthen links with other institutes for pastoral supervision
  • take up a leadership roles as a member of the Transforming Practices Management Committee from time to time
  • give practical assistance in hospitality and catering at face to face events

Annual membership fee for 2023 is $200.

There are three different Application Pathways.

They are:

  • Membership process for Transforming Practices educated pastoral supervisors.
  • Membership process for pastoral supervisors, other than graduates from Transforming Practices formation programs.
  • Membership process for Transforming Practices from APSE (UK) member pastoral supervisors.

Application and information for membership is available from the Membership Secretary: aobrien5@