Supervisor Formation Programme

The Transforming Practices Pastoral Supervisor Formation Program is a recognised
educational program with AAOS.
Successful completion of our supervisor formation leads to full supervisor status with AAOS.

To commence with Transforming Practices applicants require:

  • A minimum of 5 years pastoral ministry experience or equivalent face to face working with people in a helping profession.
  • 21 hours of pastoral supervision with a qualified pastoral supervisor over a three year period immediately prior to application for formation.

The requirements for completion of the Transforming Practices Pastoral
Supervisor Formational Program will be:

  • Course application and attendance at a one day Portfolio of Learning Workshop.
  • Submission of a Portfolio of Learning for course selection.
  • Creation of a Learning Agreement with the Registrar.
  • 72 hours of supervisory theory and practice from 5 formation modules plus the Portfolio of Learning and Introduction to Supervision days.
  • 15 hours of individual supervision on supervisory practice.
  • 12 hours (4 x 3 hours) of group supervision.
  • 120 hours of casework pastoral supervisory practice.

See “Training 2024” for more information for the next Portfolio of Learning Day.

We look forward to connecting with you. For further information please contact our Registrar.

Mary Pearson on or 0413 149 600